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May 13th – May 23rd, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

May 13th – May 23rd, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Islas Revillagigedo!

We arrived at Isla San Benedicto after an easy 18h crossing, we went to do our first and second day at “El Cañon”. We were fortunate to get a wide variety of wildlife, seeing hammerheads dolphins, silvertips, Galapagos, blacktip sharks. Encountering tiger sharks on dives is awesome, almost as good as having two days of false killer whale encounters. We followed a school hunting on our zodiac and entered the water with them successfully multiple times. One in particular was as curious in us as we in them. Very close intense encounter! “El Boiler” here we come!

Starting our boiler adventure with an excellent dolphin dive. Around 8 dolphins kept returning for almost the whole dive, this combined with 3 mantas makes everyone in a great mood. In the next three dives we are seeing 5 different mantas who are enjoying our company. Last dive we did we even saw a whale shark passing by. Unfortunately he wasn’t very interested in us. Lovely day, big smiles, ready for Cabo Pearce.

Starting our day with dolphins swimming around the boat. Once in the water, Visibility was not excellent, but the wildlife was. Getting dolphins on 2 out of 3 dives, playing with divers. On all dives we encountered a school of bonitos, to big to put a number on it. Around the school we saw a lot of silkies. Out in the blue at the end of Cabo Pearce  we found a big bait ball of jacks also followed by silky sharks and a few hammerheads. Time for our check at Socorro marine base and then set sail to Roca Partida.

Our first dive at Roca is one to remember. We entered the water and encountered a pod of dolphins from the start. As there was almost no current we managed to stay with them for the whole dive. I estimate we had over 20 dolphins and most of them wanted to play as much as we did. Followed them out into the blue and saw big schools of tuna passing in the background, followed by multiple silkies and silvertip sharks. Next two dives we had time to enjoy the whitetips resting in the caves, big schools of skip jacks to swim through and of course plenty of sharks to admire. Another dolphin encounter to remember!

To finish our trip, we went back to “El Boiler”. As usual vortex gets the first dive of the day, two other boats in the area. Dive one started really slowly. In the first 30 minutes we saw a manta passing by who showed no interest in us and a black tip shark. As people started getting ready to go do safety stop, a little bit of “El Boiler” magic happened. A pod of 6 dolphins showed up followed by 3 mantas to give us 20 minutes that more then make up for the first 30. Our last dive was manta heaven, with as good as no current and having only 14 guest on board. I think we almost had a  manta a diver. Very peaceful amazing dive to finish. If you think I exaggerate please ask any of our divers and you’ll see a big smile appearing that confirms everything above.


Cheers Islas Revillagigedo!


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