Socorro vortex trip reports

Apr | 29
APRIL 13TH – APRIL 22ND, 2019


Socorro Vortex!
For our first trip we had a full boat, 14 passengers eager and excited to explore the Revillagigedo Archipelago on the newest boat to the islands. By @xavivo By @xavivo We had a smooth quick crossing allowing us to leave Cabo San Lucas in the evening and arrive for our check out dive in Las Cuevas at the Island of San Benedicto in the early afternoon. The island gave us the reception we couldn’t have dreamed of. As we were lowering the pangas into the water, off in the distance we saw a Humpback calf splashing and playing on the surface while the mother kept a close eye from a short distance away. After watching the whales for a short time they dropped down in to the deeper water in search of a new area to play in. The check dive itself was pleasantly calm, great conditions to get everybody back in the water and test new gear and camera configuration. There were a couple of huge loggerhead turtles relaxing on top of the reef in the shallower areas above the swim throughs that were filled with sleeping white tip sharks. Some juvenile silver tip sharks checked out the groups just as we began the ascent to the safety stop. The following day was the first full day of diving and we stayed at the same island but moved to El Boiler. Good surface conditions with mild current and good visibility made for a great day of diving. The dolphins were making loops around the boat before we were even ready and they came to find us to play once we got in the water! Close passes by giant black mantas with dolphins in the background and you have a great first day. We stayed the night in San Benedicto and had an incredible early morning dive in El Cañón with Dolphins, Mantas, Hammerheads, Silver tips, Silky and Galápagos sharks. Smiles all around the group and an amazing energy kept us happy all day. For the final dive the current had almost completely calmed and we managed to spend almost the entire dive in the same spot being circled by up to 4 mantas. Day 3 and we awoke in Cabo Pearce on Socorro Island after making the journey during the night. We had the dive site to ourselves so made a leisurely 3 dives before the check in at the naval base in the afternoon. Again the dolphins made an appearance first teasing us towards the end of the dive and then at the surface playing for a good 20 minutes. The definite highlight of the day for everybody was the school of hammerheads we managed to get close up with on the 3rd dive. All the way out at the point of the dive site as the reef began to drop away below us we were entranced by the wall of beautiful sharks. Roca Partida had all the guests in awe, the sheer remoteness of this tiny islet paired with an unforgettable sunrise and the excitement levels were through the roof. The cotton mouth jacks were in abundance and there was no lack of Galápagos and Silky sharks drifting in and out of the large school. Later in the afternoon as we were taking photos of the 30 white tips all stacked up on top of each other resting on the ledge when we were lucky to catch sight of the huge Tuna passing us by in the shallow water. To finish the trip we made our way back to San Benedicto and there was no question of which site to finish with, El Cañón! Strong currents made it possible to have hammerhead sightings on every dive. Down at the beacon we could hide out from the current and have the juvenile Silver tips and large Galápagos sharks passing within a few feet of us. It was a memorable trip for everybody on board, both guests and crew, to be a part of the first trip on Socorro Vortex. This is just the beginning of our adventure!