Socorro vortex trip reports

May | 02
APRIL 23RD – MAY 1ST, 2019


Socorro Islands, second trip for the Vortex!
After an easy 18-hour crossing, we arrive at Isla Benedicto, ready for a check out dive in El Canon. We had a radio check from Solmar V and talked about promising wildlife encounters. Not even 5 minutes in a manta started circling our group and was kind enough to guide us to another one. This manta action along with silvertip- and Galapagos sharks, made our check out dive like we hoped it would be.
Next morning ready for 4 dives in “El Canon”. Finding schooling hammerhead sharks on 2 out of 4 dives, friendly mantas from the day before still guiding us around and plenty of Galapagos, silvertip and black tip sharks posing for the cameras made our day epic. All happy faces at the dinner table and off to Roca Partida.
We dived Roca Partida for 2 days. On the first day, galapagos- silvertip-hammerhead- sharks being spotted all around the rock and schools of jacks started gathering. Then our last dive of the day a bit of Roca magic. As we jump in 4 big Galapagos started swimming in between dive groups, silvertips swimming through big schools of blackjacks, couple of playful hammerheads and massive tunas from beginning to the end. As we plan to do our safety stop, I turn to my group and a Chevron manta comes from Deep straight towards us. Beautiful Roca sunset and like expected all happy faces at the dinner table. Second day, on all three dives encountered schooling hammerheads. Groups of jacks on both sides of the rock accompanied by multiple sharks. The shy manta from day before gained some confidence and joined us for 2 dives. Oh, did I mention yet that schooling yellowfin tunas in all sizes kept on blocking our view several times? Thank you, Roca Partida.
Dive site “Cabo Pearce” was next on our list. Seeing before our dives big pod of dolphins with around 4 calf’s that couldn’t properly swim yet was a Good start of our day. Through the day we all got a lot of manta encounters and at our last dive we managed to push towards the end of the canon and encountered big school of hammerhead sharks.
We had such a good time in “San Benedicto” and still having the boiler waiting for us, so we returned for our last days there. Starting with a fantastic dolphin encounter in “El Canon”. Seeing pod with calf very playful. During the whole dive they came and went. The best part was the safety stop. Having a big school of jacks looking for shelter under the boat, that are very easy to approach, makes our safety stop very enjoyable. But if you add hunting dolphins too it, well it doesn’t get much better. As we just got out of the water, our eagle eye guest “Allan” spots 2 humpback whales and we managed to approach closely to the mother and her calf. During the rest of our dives we enjoyed the attention of 3 mantas and blacktip- hammerhead- silvertip- and Galapagos sharks.
Good morning “El Boiler”! heading out in the zodiac accompanied by pod of dolphins, puts smiles on everyone’s faces straight away. In about 5 minutes of waiting at the boiler we encountered a pod of around 10 dolphins that entertained us for almost half an hour. Last 20 minutes 3 mantas took over so very good start. Next 3 dives everybody getting all the manta love you can get. We even encountered schooling hammerhead sharks on one dive. Lucky us, next day we get very similar experience. Dolphins in the morning and up to 5 mantas a dive circling our dives. Thank you “El Boiler”
Thank you, “Islas Revillagigedo”