Socorro vortex trip reports

Dec | 12


Day 1 The guests arrived at the Vortex ready for their 11 night trip

Day 2 Was a beautiful calm day spent out on Pelagic Safari, where we encountered at least a dozen Humpback whales displaying all types of behaviour including breaching excitedly in close range. While observing one Humpback, all of a sudden we see splashes close to the coast. Breaching mobulas! It was the first sighting of the season of the famous mobula ray migration. We entered the water and had an amazing snorkel with countless Mobula Munkiana.

Day 3 We went out again on Pelagic Safari and again saw lots of Humpback whales, again displaying numerous behaviours including resting, which allowed us to carefully enter the water from a distance and see it stationary 10m/30ft below the surface. Just after midday we headed back to the Vortex and then left Cabo San Lucas for San Benedicto.

Day 4 After a smooth 20 hour crossing we arrived at El Cañon for 2 dives before sunset. Our divers were welcomed to the islands with 7 species of shark, including Silvertips, Galapagos, schooling Scalloped Hammerheads and a passing Whaleshark.

Day 5 consisted of 4 dives at The Boiler, on the first dive we were greeted by Bottlenose dolphins that came to check us out and interact with our divers and their bubbles, alongside the mantas which accompanied us on all 4 dives.

Day 6 found us at Cabo Pearce in Socorro for 3 dives before the Naval check in. We had mild currents and good visibility. Schooling hammerheads on each dive and great manta interactions. Once the naval check in was complete we left for Roca Partida.

Day 7 waking up to a beautiful sunrise and a calm sea and the view of Roca Partida. 3 dives were on the schedule and what dives they were! Dive 1 started with a Whaleshark calmly cruising by. She circled the rock, and came right in the center of the three groups. She hung just below the surface, giving everyone a great view and excellent photography opportunities. The dive site was full of fish everywhere you looked. Silvertips, Galapagos, Silkies and Hammerheads all made appearances. As a final treat the Whaleshark came to pay a visit to the Vortex as we were lifting up the pangas after dive 3.

Day 8 We were so enamored with Roca that we stuck around for 3 more dives. The current and surge had picked up a little bit providing us with lots of action in the water. The rock was once again rife with fish and we got to witness a massive Yellowfin Tuna hunting on all three dives. We also cruised by the caves to check out the huddling White Tips and lobsters and morays wedged into the cracks of the rocks. On the last dive of day we had Hammerheads swimming nice and close and a Manta off in the blue.

Day 9 We returned to El Cañon for four more dives. We had a quick dolphin fly by on the first dive of the morning and the cleaning station was incredibly active. We had five species of sharks coming in and out and great manta encounters. We even had a Tiger Shark pass by quickly, and curious Hammerheads come to check us out as we drifted into the blue.

Day 10 The final dive of the trip started with a pod of playful dolphins whilst we made our way down to the cleaning station of El Cañon. All the usual suspects were there including great close interactions from the Hammerheads and Galapagos Sharks. Mantas came by throughout the dive posing as the perfect photo subjects. Meanwhile a small Tiger Shark with vibrant strips came up from the deep for all our divers to get a good look at. We then drifted out in the blue following the Bottlenose dolphins hunting a huge school of Jacks which were also accompanied by schooling Hammerheads that came up shallow towards us. An amazing end to an incredible trip.