Socorro vortex trip reports

Dec | 29
DECEMBER 28TH, 2019 – JANUARY 7TH, 2020


Dive day 1
Location: El Cañon
Visibility: Moderate, 15m/50ft
Water Temp: 25 C/77 F
We had a great first dive day at the always impressive El Cañon. After an equipment and weight check we were greeted with encounters with Scalloped Hammerheads, Silky Sharks, a Giant Black Manta that was very playful, as well as Silvertips and big Galapagos Sharks, and octopus and lobsters crawling out and about on the reef.

Dive day 2
Location: El Boiler
Visibility: Good, 25m/80ft
Water Temp: 26 C/79 F
The Mantas were out to play at the Boiler! The visibility was spectacular as we descended and were quickly greeted with great Manta interactions, including watching a breach from down below. In the afternoon the current picked up and as we drifted into the blue toward the end of the dive, a Tiger Shark ascended from the deep to check us out at close range before disappearing just as quickly. An awesome encounter and a great way to wrap up 2019!

Dive day 3

Location: El Cañon
Visibility: Good, 20m/65ft
Water Temp: 25 C/79 F
After a celebratory New Year’s Eve our divers were excited to see what the first dives of 2020 would bring. Increasing winds brought us back to El Cañon, and it did not disappoint! The first dive of the day had just enough current for the sharks to be very active and in very close range. We had schooling hammerheads swimming just off the wall and the cleaning station was full of Galapagos, Silvertips and Oceanic Blacktips, as well as a few less timid hammerheads passing by closely. The afternoon dives had less current and further great encounters with big Galapagos sharks and a playful black manta that was loving our diver’s bubbles.

Dive day 4
Location: Cabo Pearce
Visibility: Moderate, 15m/50ft
Water Temp: 25C/77F
After arriving to Socorro Island we had four dives at Cabo Pearce, one group was greeted in the morning with Bottlenose Dolphins and another a Giant Manta and swam along next to us peacefully. Everyone had great views of schooling hammerheads out in the blue.

Dive day 5
Location: Punta Tosca/Cabo Pearce
Visibility: Moderate,15m/50ft
Water Temp 25C/77F
We made our way around Socorro to Punta Tosca, where we had a couple of nice wall dives joined by a juvenile Galapagos shark and passing hammerheads. During our safety stop we had a Chevron manta circle around us as well as a Wahoo cruising by just below the surface. In the afternoon we headed back over to Cabo Pearce where we had great encounters a very playful pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that delighted in our bubbles. Drifting out in blue we also met an Oceanic Blacktip and hammerheads off of the point.

Dive day 6
Location: Cabo Pearce/Punta Tosca
Visibility: Moderate, 15m/50ft
Water Temp 25C/77F
The morning started with an incredible dive, as soon as we descended we were met by a big pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that were super curious and lively. A minute later a manta appeared, and we enjoyed a great interaction with both the manta playing in our bubbles and the dolphins that kept returning to us after going up for a breath. Buzzing with excitement, we loaded up and headed around again to Punta Tosca for the last two dives of the day, where we had a great view of a tiger shark swimming close by the wall. An amazing day in Socorro!

Dive day 7

Location: Roca Partida
Visibility: Good, 30m/100ft
Water Temp: 24C/74F
We traveled over night as the wind gradually decreased to wake up to a beautiful sunrise over Roca Partida. True to form our three dives at Roca were spectacular, with countless jacks schooling everywhere you looked and Hammerheads, Silvertips, Galapagos and Silkies all cruising above and below. We had a few visits from a massive Yellowfin Tuna that even the sharks seemed to be wary of, its speed is incredibly impressive! Our safety stops yielded some special visitors as well, including a school of Wahoo and four Mobula Japanica passing by. It was a great ending to a memorable trip with a great team of divers!

Sarah Pulitzer
PADI IDCS Instructor #292791
IANTD Full Cave Diver #137698