Socorro vortex trip reports

Mar | 20
MARCH 15TH, 2020 – MARCH 21ST, 2020


March 16, 2020
Dive day 1: San Benedicto
Site: Las Cuevas
Visibility: Excellent, 25m/80ft
Current: Low
Water Temp: 23C/73F
We arrived to San Benedicto with beautiful sunlight and optimal conditions to hop in for our first dive of the trip. We loaded into the pangas and after sorting out weights and equipment we descended onto Las Cuevas to beautiful visibility and lots of life. We were greeted with close encounters of curious juvenile Galapagos and Silvertip sharks and spotted electric rays, diamond rays and lobsters all over the reef. We surfaced to a breathtaking sunset over the island.

March 17, 2020
Dive day 2: San Benedicto
Site: El Boiler
Visibility: Excellent, 30m/100ft
Current: Low
Water Temp: 23C/72F
We had excellent conditions at the Boiler for the whole day. The seas were calm and we witnessed a mother humpback and calf breaching and fin slapping in the distance. The first dive brought two giant pacific mantas, one black and one chevron, that slowly cruised by. On our safety stop a mother and calf bottlenose dolphins passed by at close range, went to the surface to breath, and then were joined by the rest of the pod. The remainder of the day brought in more mantas close encounters, at most four at a time, wherein they came in close to all of our divers to play in our bubbles and preform their amazing acrobatics. A classic Boiler day to start off the trip.

March 18, 2020
Dive day 3: Roca Partida
Visibility: Excellent, 30m/100ft
Current: Low
Water Temp: 23C/73F
The conditions at Roca were unreal, the surface was glassy, the current very mild, and the visibility was crystal clear. The sheer number of fish around the rock was astounding, including the cottonmouth jacks, big eye trevallies, creole fish, and yellow fin tuna. We had sighting of beautiful silvertip sharks, and a small school of scalloped hammerheads that came quite close by all of our divers. The caves were also full of piled up white tip reef sharks, giving the photographers in the group excellent opportunities for the classic Roca photo. As we drifted in the blue at the end of the dives we saw many species of pelagic fish including skipjack tuna and wahoo.

March 19, 2020
Dive day 4: Socorro Island
Sites: Roca O’Neal & Punta Tosca
Visibility: Moderate, 15m/50ft
Current: Low
Water Temp: 23C/73F
We continued to be lucky with the conditions at Roca O’Neal, with calm seas and low current. Before we even entered the water from the pangas we were greeted with a pod of 10 bottlenose dolphins, who seemed just as excited to see as we were to see them. They stayed with us the whole dive, playing with all of our divers, making eye contact, and even coming close for belly scratches. We were so excited to have the dolphins it seemed like things couldn’t get any better, until two giant mantas showed up! The mantas stuck around and played in our bubble and the dolphins played with them until we ended the dive. Such an amazing experience to share with our divers. The next dive at Roca O’Neal we were able to explore the caves and found some smaller creatures such as lobsters, nudibranchs and a playful octopus, and had two big scalloped hammerheads swimming close by up above the reef. On our surface intervals we had humpbacks playing nearby. We then moved the Vortex around to Punta Tosca where we had a nice relaxed drift dive down the wall and into the inside reef.
Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were then called on to return to Cabo San Lucas so that our international guests can return safely to their home countries without any issues on the journey. We had a great few days of diving and are optimistic to return to regular operations in the new future.