Socorro vortex trip reports

Nov | 11


Hi all! 

Finally, after a long lockdown we are back at the Socorro Islands to rediscover all the beauty the ocean has for us! This trip was absolutely amazing! El Fondeadero was an easy place to start and after that the action was non stop. At El Cañónwe had 4 Chevron Mantas and lots of hammerheads. A little whale shark of 6m/20 ft was there and we saw our first tiger shark (of many during this trip). A bunch of false killerwhales were also near to El Cañón so we got in the dynguies and we went snorkeling with them! Then, the rest of the day at El Cañón was perfect to interact with the Pacific Giant Mantas Revillagigedo has to offer. We saw 4 to 6 mantas per dive: black mantas and chevron mantas. At the cleaning station we saw some big Galapagos sharks, lots of silvertips and even more hammerheads!

The next day at The Boiler was basically “Manta Day” with more than 6 Mantas per dive! Chevron and black mantas everywhere! They kept swimming up and down and all around the cleaning stations!

The next day we dove at Cabo Pearce. At the beginning of the dive we saw a tiger shark of 3 m/9 ft and around the cleaning stations we found 4 mantas and one of the highlights of this day was to find 16 bottlenose dolphins swimming all together, sorrounded by mantas! The best part: each and every diver got to interact with them. It was a breathtaking moment! 

Roca O’Neil was our next dive site. We went trough its beautiful arch at 100 ft/30m. We stayed within the reef and found some majestic Mantas at the 50 ft/15m. Finally, we ended with a safety stop with lots of very playful bottlenose dolphins! PURE BLISS!

Roca Partida (as always) was a great place to find big pelagics. A massive yellowfin tuna passed in front of us, we saw 2 Chevron mantas and for the second dive we had a good action with 6 to 8 Galapagos sharks, big schools of cotton mouth jacks, lots of bigeye jacks, amberjacks and even wahoos! 

Our second day at Roca Partida couldn’t start better! A bunch of bottlenose dolphins were in the North and we went straight to play with them. The dolphins stayed within the site and then moved to the West! Then, a little bit deeper, we found a bunch of hammerheads! And if this wasn’t enough we got to interact with more than 20 bottlenose dolphins during our safetry stop! This place is insane!!! Everybody was so happy!! 

The last day went back to El Cañón and it was totally worth it: mantas everywhere!! Black mantas, chevron mantas, silvertips all around us, the hammerheads coming from the blue and passing all around us, and the Galapagos sharks coming straight to us! And the, the icing of the cake was a  huge Tiger shark of 3/9 ft swimming slowly and very close to us!! 

Socorro Islands is a top notch diving destination! Let the lockdown behind and come diving with us! We have all the safety protocols and we miss you a lot!!! 

See you next trip !!

  • Weather conditions : 4
  • Wind : 2
  • Clouds : 2
  • Current : 3
  • Visibility : 80 ft / 24 m
  • Temperature Average : 86 f / 29 C
  • Crossing : 21 hs

Ignacio Hernan Leyro 

Scuba Diving Instructor

Socorro Vortex