Socorro vortex trip reports

Nov | 11


Hi all! 

Finally, after a long lockdown we are back at the Socorro Islands to rediscover all the beauty the ocean has for us! This trip was absolutely amazing! El Fondeadero was an easy place to start and after that the action was non stop. At El Cañónwe had 4 Chevron Mantas and lots of hammerheads. A little whale shark of 6m/20 ft was there and we saw our first tiger shark (of many during this trip). A bunch of 
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Mar | 20
MARCH 15TH, 2020 – MARCH 21ST, 2020


March 16, 2020
Dive day 1: San Benedicto
Site: Las Cuevas
Visibility: Excellent, 25m/80ft
Current: Low
Water Temp: 23C/73F
We arrived to San Benedicto with beautiful sunlight and optimal conditions to hop in for our first dive of the trip. We loaded into the pangas and after sorting out weights and equipment we descended onto Las Cuevas to beautiful visibility and lots of life. We were greeted with close encounters of curious juvenile Galapagos and Silvertip sharks and spotted electric rays, diamond rays and lobsters all over the reef. We surfaced to a breathtaking sunset over the island.

March 17, 2020
Dive day 2: San Benedicto
Site: El Boiler
Visibility: Excellent, 30m/100ft
Current: Low
Water Temp: 23C/72F
We had excellent conditions at the Boiler for the whole day. The seas were calm and we witnessed a mother humpback and calf breaching and fin slapping in the distance. The first d..
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Mar | 13
MARCH 1ST, 2020 – MARCH 13TH, 2020


Day 1 The guests arrived at the Socorro Vortex ready for their 13 Day trip
Day 2 Consisted of a calm 27 hour crossing to San Benidicto where we made it just in time for a sunset.
Day 3 After a good night sleep we woke up ready for 4 dives at El Cañon. We had mixed conditions but the guests were welcomed by a multitude of Sharks, Including Silvertips and Galapagos sharks on the cleaning station.
Day 4 was spent with another day at El Cañon due to weather conditions however again we had a lot of sharks on the cleaning station, with Giant Mantas throughout the day and some schooling Hammmerheads.
Day 5 found us at Cabo Pearce in Socorro with conditions still against us but with manta interactions, and a dusk dive to enjoy the smaller reef fish. We were provided with a variety of life whilst enjoying the topography of the iconic site.
Day 6 again at Cabo Pearce, after deciding to give it another shot we jumped into strong currents bht wer..
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Mar | 03
FEBRUARY 16TH, 2020 – FEBRUARY 28TH, 2020


Feb 18th
Dive site: El Canon
Water temperature: 21C/ 70F
Visibility: good, 15 - 20m
We had strong current on all dives. Some dolphins passed by which we saw hunting jacks.
Different mantas that were curious. Cleaning station we found some Galapagos that came close and various silver tips. There was also a big school of amber jacks at the cleaning station.

Feb 19th
Dive site: El Boiler
Water temperature: 22C/ 71F
Visibility: good, 20m
Happy to say that the boiler is back alive. We encountered 8+ different mantas, which were very playful. One dive dolphin passed by the site. Last dive we had a strong current which brought in various sharks. We saw some Galapagos, black tips, plenty of white tips and a big tiger shark.

Feb 20th
Dive site: Cabo Pearce
Water temperature: 22C/71F
Visibility: good, 15-20m
We found various mantas that played with us and as well dolphins. ..
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Dec | 29
DECEMBER 28TH, 2019 – JANUARY 7TH, 2020


Dive day 1
Location: El Cañon
Visibility: Moderate, 15m/50ft
Water Temp: 25 C/77 F
We had a great first dive day at the always impressive El Cañon. After an equipment and weight check we were greeted with encounters with Scalloped Hammerheads, Silky Sharks, a Giant Black Manta that was very playful, as well as Silvertips and big Galapagos Sharks, and octopus and lobsters crawling out and about on the reef.

Dive day 2
Location: El Boiler
Visibility: Good, 25m/80ft
Water Temp: 26 C/79 F
The Mantas were out to play at the Boiler! The visibility was spectacular as we descended and were quickly greeted with great Manta interactions, including watching a breach from down below. In the afternoon the current picked up and as we drifted into the blue toward the end of the dive, a Tiger Shark ascended from the deep to check us out at close range before disappearing just as quickly. An awesome encounter and a ..
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Dec | 12


Day 1 The guests arrived at the Vortex ready for their 11 night trip

Day 2 Was a beautiful calm day spent out on Pelagic Safari, where we encountered at least a dozen Humpback whales displaying all types of behaviour including breaching excitedly in close range. While observing one Humpback, all of a sudden we see splashes close to the coast. Breaching mobulas! It was the first sighting of the season of the famous mobula ray migration. We entered the water and had an amazing snorkel with countless Mobula Munkiana.

Day 3 We went out again on Pelagic Safari and again saw lots of Humpback whales, again displaying numerous behaviours including resting, which allowed us to carefully enter the water from a distance and see it stationary 10m/30ft below the surface. Just after midday we headed back to the Vortex and then left Cabo San Lucas for San Benedicto.

Day 4 After a smooth 20 hour crossing we arrived at El Cañon for 2 dives before s..
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Dec | 01


Dive day 1
Location: Las cuevas
Visibility: poor, less than 10m/33ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 79F
Here we did check dive and encountered multiple big turtles who circled around us, juvenile silvertip sharks came close as well.

Dive day 2
Location: El Boiler
Visibility: good, more or less 20m/70ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 79F
We did 4 dives, amazing dolphin encounters combined with mantas around. Came to say hi to our guest multiple times. Around the mini boiler we found a tiger shark. We also had silver tips, Galapagos white tips and oceanic black tips. Mantas are and will always be the rockstars of the boiler.

Dive day 3
Location: El Canon
Visibility: good, more or less 20m/70ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 79F
We did 4 dives, on three of the dives we had great dolphin interactions. More dolphins then we usually find there and really curious. The cleaning station had various s..
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Nov | 10


November 2-10 Socorro Vortex Trip Report
Trip 1 of the 2019/2020 Revillagigedo season and calm seas made our initial crossing to the islands smooth and fast. We arrived to San Benedicto Island for a late afternoon check dive at Las Cuevas. With warm water and almost no current we had plenty of time to play with new equipment and enjoy the Boulder littered floor of the dive site. Being greeted by both a juvenile Silver Tip then a juvenile Galapagos we were able to see what the Islands had in store for us. Towards the end of the dive a friendly Giant Pacific Manta showed up to follow us all the way to our safety stop.
After spending the night anchored at El Boiler we were ready to start the day early for 4 dives. The short panga ride to the dive site introduced us to the friendly Bottle Nosed Dolphins who were playing on the bow of the boats. From the beginning of the dive we had a pod of around 12 Dolphins dancing and playing with us, clicking and singing in excitement...
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Jun | 16
JUNE 3RD – JUNE 13TH, 2019


June 3-13 Socorro Vortex Trip Report
For this trip we spent five days at San Benedicto, one day at Socorro, and days at Roca Partida. Following the afternoon checkout dive at Las Cuevas, the second and seventh days of diving took place at El Cañon. Both days had similar sightings despite the visibility dropping from 20m/66ft down to 10m/33ft. Both black and chevron mantas checked us out throughout the day and the usual suspects of sharks could be found cruising the cleaning station (whitetips, silvertips, blacktips, galapagos, and a few hammerheads). However the most exciting part is the second day here we were treated to false killer whales just after the first dive! On one of our jumps we were even able to catch them eating a tuna whilst being surrounded by sharks and dolphins!
The third and eighth dive days were spent at El Boiler. On our first day here we were interrupted during breakfast as false killers swam right past the boat! As for the diving, on both ..
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Jun | 09
MAY 13TH – MAY 23RD, 2019


Islas Revillagigedo!
We arrived at Isla San Benedicto after an easy 18h crossing, we went to do our first and second day at “El Cañon”. We were fortunate to get a wide variety of wildlife, seeing hammerheads dolphins, silvertips, Galapagos, blacktip sharks. Encountering tiger sharks on dives is awesome, almost as good as having two days of false killer whale encounters. We followed a school hunting on our zodiac and entered the water with them successfully multiple times. One in particular was as curious in us as we in them. Very close intense encounter! “El Boiler” here we come!
Starting our boiler adventure with an excellent dolphin dive. Around 8 dolphins kept returning for almost the whole dive, this combined with 3 mantas makes everyone in a great mood. In the next three dives we are seeing 5 different mantas who are enjoying our company. Last dive we did we even saw a whale shark passing by. Unfortunately he wasn’t very intere..
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May | 23
MAY 13TH – MAY 23RD, 2019


Revillagigedo Archipelago
From the very beginning the islands showed us the power they had. Our check dive in Las Cuevas had calm surface conditions but as soon as we descended the strong current took hold. We found protection among the large boulders of the site and spotted many oceanic stingrays buried in the sandy bottom with plenty of small electric rays gliding by. As we passed through the caves nobody knew to take first photos of the 6 white tips resting on the bottom or the group of huge lobsters hanging from the ceiling. A fast paced dive set the tone for the following morning.
Again with ideal conditions we started the first full day of diving still at San Benedicto Island diving the Boiler. The morning was dominated by playful dolphins showing us how to handle the fast current. As always these ever smiling animals were curios of our small groups of divers and delighted in teasing us with there graceful moves. As the day went on, Oceanic, Chevron and Black Man..
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May | 02
APRIL 23RD – MAY 1ST, 2019


Socorro Islands, second trip for the Vortex!
After an easy 18-hour crossing, we arrive at Isla Benedicto, ready for a check out dive in El Canon. We had a radio check from Solmar V and talked about promising wildlife encounters. Not even 5 minutes in a manta started circling our group and was kind enough to guide us to another one. This manta action along with silvertip- and Galapagos sharks, made our check out dive like we hoped it would be.
Next morning ready for 4 dives in “El Canon”. Finding schooling hammerhead sharks on 2 out of 4 dives, friendly mantas from the day before still guiding us around and plenty of Galapagos, silvertip and black tip sharks posing for the cameras made our day epic. All happy faces at the dinner table and off to Roca Partida.
We dived Roca Partida for 2 days. On the first day, galapagos- silvertip-hammerhead- sharks being spotted all around the rock and schools of jacks started gathering. Then our last dive of the day..
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Apr | 29
APRIL 13TH – APRIL 22ND, 2019


Socorro Vortex!
For our first trip we had a full boat, 14 passengers eager and excited to explore the Revillagigedo Archipelago on the newest boat to the islands. By @xavivo By @xavivo We had a smooth quick crossing allowing us to leave Cabo San Lucas in the evening and arrive for our check out dive in Las Cuevas at the Island of San Benedicto in the early afternoon. The island gave us the reception we couldn’t have dreamed of. As we were lowering the pangas into the water, off in the distance we saw a Humpback calf splashing and playing on the surface while the mother kept a close eye from a short distance away. After watching the whales for a short time they dropped down in to the deeper water in search of a new area to play in. The check dive itself was pleasantly calm, great conditions to get everybody back in the water and test new gear and camera co..
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